Project Mission:

Everyone has a '9/11' in his or her life. It is how one overcomes tragedy and stays optimistic that defines an individual. The mission of the art education and glass installation project, Glass Reflections on 9-11, was created to teach how to turn past tragedies into positives in a time when this country needs more hopeful messages and images.

Submitting Art

A huge part of this initiative is education and teaching to explain the projectís mission. I need teachers and communities to grasp the concept of this project and teach the youth about optimism and overcoming problems.


I need the youth, 18 years old and under to submit artwork either drawings or written stories. I will then artistically render them in glass to create an installation the represents rebirth and optimism through the eyes of this countries youth.


More information on this project may be obtained from the official website, by contacting Leatrice directly at (740) 877-0967, or via e-mail at


Please send submissions to:



Lee Guttentag
280 Charles Road
Pataskala, OH 43062

Please send with all submissions:
Brief stroy about the artwork