Project Mission:

Everyone has a '9/11' in his or her life. It is how one overcomes tragedy and stays optimistic that defines an individual. The mission of the art education and glass installation project, Glass Reflections on 9-11, was created to teach how to turn past tragedies into positives in a time when this country needs more hopeful messages and images.

Press on Glass Reflections On 9-11

There are many challenges ahead for Leatrice in order to realize her vision, but she is ready for them because she knows the importance of her goal. She is currently gathering funding for the project, as well as contacting other artists to collaborate on the installation. She welcomes suggestions and help in all forms from not only other artists, but the entire community.


More information on this project may be obtained from the official website, by contacting Leatrice directly at (740) 877-0967, or via e-mail at


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About Glass Reflections on 9-11

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