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July 28, 2009
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July 15, 2009
Currently I am in the development phase of the project. I am actively looking for funding in the form of sponsorships and writing grants to help fund this initiative. Currently this project has been self funded. I am also evaluating spaces that might be able to house the finished installation.

Project Mission:

Everyone has a ‘9/11’ in his or her life. It is how one overcomes tragedy and stays optimistic that defines an individual. The mission of the art education and glass installation project, Glass Reflections on 9-11, was created to teach how to turn past tragedies into positives in a time when this country needs more hopeful messages and images.


Project History:

Leatrice Guttentag, the creator of this project, was on the 80th floor of tower one on 9-11 when the plane hit. She was able to escape the building, but this experience has had lasting effects on her life. Leatrice has tried to use this experience to transform a tragedy into positive hope for the country and its citizens. She hopes to do this through her love of glass art, and will use her artistic knowledge and skills to put together an inspirational glass art exhibit.


The inspiration for this project came last 9-11 when a friend wrote a curriculum to teach her sixth grade class about 9-11 by having the students write letters and draw cards to send to Leatrice in an effort to humanize 9-11. The cards and letters were wonderfully upbeat, unlike most adult’s reactions. The children’s comments were like, “Don’t be sad” with rainbows and hearts. This illustrates the upbeat outlook that children have that anything is possible. The goal is to have families and teachers spread, to the youth, a message about overcoming life’s hardships and staying optimistic. We want to get written stories and drawings submitted from children and teenagers under 18 years old across the country. The top submissions will be used by Leatrice and transferred onto glass tiles to create an art installation for the ten year anniversary of 9-11 that shows a rebirth of idealism.


In that vein, Leatrice has tried to encourage people to accept the negatives that happen in their lives, and convert them into positive images. She feels that children can most easily be affected, and the way to achieve this is through artistic images. Leatrice’s vision is to use her love of art to bring these images to people throughout the country. In this way the children and their future generations can recognize that out of a tragedy such as 9/11 can come hope and inspirational ideas. They can then realize that any negatives in their own lives can be turned into future strength.


The challenges in completing a project such as this are numerous, but Leatrice feels she is ready for the undertaking. She is currently gathering both the funding for the project, and contacting other artists to contribute to the exhibition. She is open to any additional suggestions of help from the public and artistic community for funding or artist participation. In addition, more information on this worthy project can be obtained by going on the project website at